Virtual Birthdays

Zoom playdates and birthday parties are so 2020. At Digi Bash Kids we produce customized virtual birthday parties and playdates that turn your living room into your little one’s favorite kingdom or metropolis. Your little one gets to costar with their favorite character.

We’re your one-stop shop for all of your virtual entertainment needs for toddlers, pre-schoolers, and middle schoolers.

Playdates, birthday parties, and FUN-inars. You can choose a Blippi party, Mickey party, princess party, superhero party, Tik Tok, party, Fancy Nancy and more. We handle all of your needs. Choose a 30, 60, or 90+ minute party.

Defeat growling tummies and see the smiles of your little one grow when you take your party to the next level with customized snacks and treats with your little one’s name, age, and picture printed on snacks, t-shirts, and delivered to your home.

Digi Bash parties: We live stream* your customized virtual birthday party into the homes of all your guests. Your party ends in our Zoon playground with a birthday cake reveal. Family members and friends get to enjoy interactive birthday activities on their living room TV screen in the safety of their home. Oh, and the games played in our Zoom playground, rock!

Your party comes with one character* of your choice, a customized birthday set* with your little one’s name, a fully produced entertainment show with segments produced around your little one’s favorite cartoon, movie, or storybook character. Did we mention that you get to choose your activities, customize your entire party, and your party ends in our Zoom playground!

  • Wondering what an interactive segment co-staring your little one and a character of choice looks like? Click here!

Intermission: have family members, friends, teachers, and classmates record birthday shout-outs and salutations that can be played live during your little one’s party. $65

Record: capture this special moment in time and have your party recorded so your little one can always have a memory of their birthday party. $85

Customized Snack Treats and More: Individually wrapped and labeled treats with your little one’s name, age, and picture printed on each snack or treat. Pricing starts at $35.

Booking: interested in booking a popular social media personality for your event we’ve got you covered. Separate pricing.

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