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Virtual Event Production

We plan, produce, and execute virtual events, meetings, and experiences. You provide the vision, we provide stress-free technology and event production to execute your concept to its exact specifications.

With a Net Promotor Score of 53 we handle all of your virtual event production and planning needs so you can focus on the task at hand.

Virtual Event Planning and Production

Our best in class planning and production team executes a detailed 40 point virtual event check list that ensures your event is executed to its exact specifications.

Virtual Event Planning and Production

Our virtual event pricing and packages allow our clients to maximize their ROI and exceed their event objectives.

Virtual Event Planning and Production

We bring you behind the scenes. You’ll work with one of our virtual event producers through the whole process from pre production planning to post event execution.

Virtual Event Production & Planning

Virtual team building events, virtual meetings, virtual conferences, virtual fundraisers, virtual sales presentations, virtual tradeshows, virtual celebrations, and more. If it’s virtual then it’s Digi Bash.

We got answers! How much should you spend on your virtual event? What are virtual producers and how can they help? How do you fight zoom fatigue while promoting your event?

Before you request a demo we answer all of the questions that you have when it comes to producing your virtual event or meeting.

We worked with UC Berkeley, Alexa Curtis, and her amazing team to produce their virtual summit titled the Be Fearless Summit. Production details below:

Individual Talks: 12

Length of Event: 6 hours

Broadcast Software: Exsplit

Platform Setup and Integration: Youtube, Exsplit, and Slack

Platform Usage and Integration: Slack, Zoom and Youtube

Production Services: pre-production, in event production, and post-production

Visual Assets: virtual sets (8), virtual transitions (2), virtual opening/closing scenes (2), and web page buildout